3 Card Draw Poker

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3 Card Draw Poker

3 Card Draw Poker

July 07, 2021  Author : ch799

Three Card Draw Poker is similar to traditional Three Card Poker, but with trade cards. Furthermore, the dealer is always qualified. The dealer is dealt four cards and must build the greatest three-card hand possible with them.

Rules of Three Card Draw Poker

  • Use a deck of 52 card
  • All cards and hands are scored the same as in the poker game
  • The game starts with the player placing an Ante wager. At this moment, you can also place an optional First 3 Bonus side bet.
  • All players are dealt three cards, and the dealer is dealt four cards, all of which are dealt face down.
  • The player has the following alternatives after checking his hand:
    • Place a Raise bet equal to the Ante bet and remain in the game.
    • Raise the stakes to the same amount as the Ante bet, and swap one card for the next card in the deck.
    • Fold
  • If the player discards, the new card will be held apart from the previous two for the First 3 Bonus side bet to be decided.
  • The dealer will next turn over his cards and choose the three that make the best poker hand.
  • The hands of the player and the dealer will be compared, and the higher hand will win.
  • The Ante and Raise bets will pay even money if the player has the better hand.
  • The Ante and Raise bets will lose if the dealer has the better hand.
  • The Ante and Raise bets will push if the player and dealer tie.
  • The "In to Win Bonus" is awarded to the player who has a straight or higher. It's worth noting that you don't have to beat the dealer to get this prize. As indicated below, there are two known pay tables.
  • The player's first three cards will determine the outcome of the First 3 Bonuses. It will be clear what the player was if they stand. If the player drew, the only way to earn the First 3 Bonus is to get a pair. With a flush or higher, I assume the dealer will take the player who would have stood. Below is a paytable for the First 3 Bonus.

In to Win Bonus
Mini Royal 20 20
Straight Flush 6 10
Trips 5 5
Straight 1 1

First 3 Bonus
Mini Royal 100
Straight Flush 50
Trips 30
Straight 6
Flush 3
Pair 1