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UK coronavirus

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December 21, 2020  Author : ch799

India's health authorities remain alert and ready to deal with the coronavirus strain found in Britain was no need to panic.

India has registered the second-highest number of infections in the world and over the weekend crossed the 10 million case threshold. More than 145,000 COVID-19 individuals have died.

"There is no reason for such panic, if you ask me," India's Minister of Health Harsh Vardhan said at an interview in New Delhi.

To address the latest virus, a government committee charged with tracking the pandemic met on Monday, an official said. It was uncertain, however, whether India will avoid flights to Britain, one of 23 countries with which it shares an "air bubble."

"Vardhan said, "Don't get caught up in this imaginary situation, imaginary chat, imaginary panic. "The government is watchful."

Due to fears about the introduction of a new coronavirus variant, more than 30 countries have banned UK arrivals.

In countries in Europe and across the globe, flights from the UK have been suspended.

France closed its border with the UK on Sunday evening for 48 hours, ensuring no lorries or ferries would be able to sail from the port of Dover.

On Monday, the French government said it would establish a protocol "to ensure movement from the UK can resume."

The prime minister is expected to host a meeting of the government's emergency committee as queues rise in Kent.

Member States of the European Union are currently meeting in Brussels to discuss a coordinated reaction.